The events of the last few days trigger unimaginable emotions in me.

How could it have come to this, where is all this leading us?
Almost every day there are more and more new incidents, not only racist ones.
Every day we are confronted with new incidents, murders of women, corrupt politicians, Covid-19 incidents and then the daily racism and bombing of cities and areas.

During my childhood I never noticed that I was different, no one made differences. Or maybe some were made, but in my naivety I never noticed.
And what happens today, you are constantly asked about your origin, religion, sexuality.
You are discriminated against or excluded because of one of these things.
Many children, young people and adults are forced to choose an identity.
Why does no one understand that this is not possible and that none of us wants this.
I am not my sexuality, my religion or my origin.
I am a human being with feelings and no matter what religion, origin or sexuality I have, I am a human being who deserves to be respected and to live a nice peaceful life.
Especially, the children of today who are the future of this earth tomorrow,
deserve to grow up in peace and not live in constant fear.
If adults do not manage to deal with each other peacefully, then the children should not have to suffer.
There is always another solution than violence!

I hope that one day this can be achieved, because only together we are strong.